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The Invention of Elle Jae

An artist’s persistence toward creative expression while existing on a landscape of violence & fear, victim & survivor.

Available in premium color on Amazon & standard color on Amazon.

Book Press Release 

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Book Synopsis

From a fractured little girl to a powerful, resilient, purpose-driven woman, Elle Jae Stewart pens a raw-authentic account of how childhood trauma and sexual abuse endured at the hands of her mother and stepfather, led her to the world of creative expression. Riddled with doubts and self-deprivation, she vulnerably shares the struggles to regain hope and self-love amid unhealed traumas. Elle’s testimony supports the overall objective of empowering others to use their voice, speak their truth, and seek the help needed to live a fulfilling life. Through it all, resilience baked itself into a methodical approach of positivity, lending itself to finding the joy in everything and understanding regardless of your beginning or what you've been through, it does not define you. You are the author of your story and the captain of your ship. So, take control of your emotions and release those who do not serve the betterment of your existence.


There’s innocence in the breeze of brokenness. 

An inconsistent stability from what once was to what is.

~Elle Jae Stewart


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